Scalp Microplasty Vs SMP Melbourne – What’s the Difference?

Scalp Microplasty Vs SMP Melbourne – What’s the Difference?

Scalp Microplasty Vs SMP Melbourne – What’s the Difference?

Scalp Microplasty (SMP) is the process of reshaping the skin of the face to improve the volume and thickness of the hair. Facial hair growth is not natural and often slows or stops over time. “But with this process the facial hair can be removed and improved, improving facial prominence and definition.” SMP Melbourne is one of several procedures in Melbourne that focuses on facial hair removal and correction. SMP Melbourne also uses lasers and other treatments to promote facial rejuvenation.

“Scalp Microplasty is a new fashionable option for eliminating hair loss problems; Hair loss affects more than 85 percent of all males but today, male-pattern baldness is often being transformed by innovative medical procedures.” SMP Melbourne is one of the newest procedures at the forefront of modern treatment. The Scalp Microplasty or SMP procedure involves the introduction of an instrument into the scalp. It is used to inject or administer a solution containing Minoxidil (Rogaine) which stimulates dormant follicles. The follicles respond by growing larger and the hair is replaced by thick and full hair that is natural looking.

“This is the most effective means of treating male pattern baldness as it helps to treat the causes rather than just the symptoms of the disease, thus lessening the need for continuous treatments and possible side effects such as drying out of the scalp,” says Dr. Peter Lowe, editor-in-chief of a leading health and beauty magazine in the U.K. “SMP Melbourne is safe, non-invasive, hair loss micro pigmentation.” “There is no need to wait for receding hairlines or to consider drastic measures such as hair transplant surgery and prescription drugs.”

Before the Scalp Microplasty, other treatments have been tried, including chemical peels, dyes and synthetic implants. SMP Melbourne has a success rate of ninety-eight percent, according to its website. However, the success rate depends on the individual. Many patients have found the procedure to be very successful and have achieved visible results in as little as four to six months. If a patient wants to take longer to see visible results, they should see their physician first. A physician can determine if the treatments are right for the patient.

While the Scalp Microplasty and SMP Melbourne are similar in many ways, their methods of performing the procedure are very different. The Microplasty requires more anesthesia and time than the SMP because it involves the use of a smaller instrument that is operated with tweezers. The SMP procedure allows for local anesthesia while minimizing scarring and recovery time. Both procedures allow for permanent reduction of hair loss, though there are a few differences. With the SMP procedure, hair growth is permanent. With the Microplasty, it is not.

While these two surgical procedures may be used for the same purpose, it is important to note that each one addresses a completely different problem. The Microplasty focuses on improving the overall appearance of the scalp, whereas the SMP focuses more on hair loss. In many cases, both are effective. However, a patient should always consult their physician before going to either procedure for the purposes of their individual needs. Only a doctor can determine which one is best for you.

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